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Hot Tapping Services

Hot Tapping is a technique of using an under pressure drilling machine for cutting a hole in any operating pipeline as well as storage vessel to allow the development of a new branch connection from the present pipe or vessel with no interruption to the flow. This is the first process in line stopping, where a hole saw is employed for creating a pipe opening to insert a line plugging head. Our skilled professionals can easily operate and execute different hot tapping operations for various industries based across the Asia Pacific area. We offer on-site pipeline solutions in a cost-effective, efficiently and safe manner. We also offer turnkey service operations as well as tie-in projects with unmatched efficacy.

When It Is Required?

During pipe alteration as well as addition works, you may face the following challenges:

The components necessary for a distinctive hot tapping operation comprise:

Hot Tapping Process

The basic tapping operation is as follows:



With the aid of high-end machines and technologies, we ensure to provide matchless tapping services of a variety of pipe material such as carbon, galvanished, stainless steel, ductile, cast iron, metal pipe with concrete lining, etc.

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